Antique Thai Sukhothai Pottery

Sukhothai or Sangkhalok pottery is ceramic that was produced in the Sukhothai Province during the Sukhothai and Ayutthaya Periods in Thailand. (Early 1400s C.E. to late 1600s C.E.) The two major kiln sites were located in Sukhothai and Sri Satchanalai along the Yum River, which contained the best river clay in Asia. Nearly 1500 kilns eventually opened for use. The best potters of Asia would travel to these towns to learn the craft. Over time Sukhothai Pottery became increasingly popular in trade, and made its journey to places as far as the Philippines, Indonesia, and China. By the middle of the 1700s C.E., Sukhothai Pottery was all but discontinued due to wars between the kingdom of Ayudhaya and the Burmese, and the increased popularity of Chinese ceramics.

A piece of Sukhothai pottery is always one of a kind; molds were never used and no two pieces are ever identical. Every piece was made using tools that were common over 700 years ago. Today Sukhothai pottery is not readily available in the U.S., and it’s become highly collectible. Here at Clipper Trading we carry Sukhothai pottery; please visit or call for availability.

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