Teak Root Wood Furniture

Never has the harmony of natural form and function been unified so perfect. Root wood furniture still has much of the original characteristics and forms of their original trees. The pieces are smooth making it entirely welcoming and soft to the touch. All are made of reclaimed wood. Loggers take trees for their straight building boards, but leave behind the roots and long branches of the tree. These pieces of furniture and made of these discarded leftovers. For a designer’s eye, reclaimed furniture is incredibly versatile. It can compliment both contemporary and rustic interior design themes. Great for a beach home, mountain, or any outdoor setting!

Teak (Tectona grandis) wood is hard and heavy with a rough bark that is extremely durable and resistant to moisture. Teak is more durable than any other hardwood and has unparalleled rich beauty. Teak is dense wood with high oil content which gives it a natural ability to withstand the effects of sun, rain, snow or frost without rotting, cracking, or warping. The heavy oil content allows teak wood to protect itself from insects, termites, bacterial diseases and fungi. Teak wood can also withstand the rigors of manufacturing processes without decaying, cracking, or warping. Teak wood is a popular choice of wood for boat making, flooring, furniture, and cabinets. It is highly valued in furniture and flooring industries because of its fine grain, rich color and enduring beauty. The owner of Clipper Trading traveled to Southeast Asia to acquire the most exquisite pieces of teak furniture, teak art and teak sculptures.

All of our reclaimed wood furniture is constructed from pieces of wood that were collected from ancient fallen timbers in Laos and Thailand. A tree is never cut down to make one of our pieces and we never buy from plantations. Each piece of furniture is hand crafted to enhance the wood's natural elegance. Rest assured that when you purchase a piece of our reclaimed wood furniture you are never contributing to deforestation across seas.

Vary with each piece.
Root Wood Furniture